8 Sylvia Street
Lion's Head

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Perspective lines! This view, from Pete Lenardon's camera, exaggerates (a little) the planes of the various roofs and makes you look up.

The long porch for summer shade and winter sun. The roof angle, worked out by Meredith, lets winter sunlight in the front windows, and shades in the summer. Plans to screen in the porch in front of the sliding door are on hold as we've learned from experience over a couple of seasons that there are almost no mosquitos or black flies in the neighbourhood. A constant breeze on the hill seems to keep them away.

This view is from the north-east corner of the lot, about where a stack of leftover Durisol blocks await transformation into a workshop. The low morning sunlight is a frequent sight on the Bruce.

The porch invites you to the door.

The driveway invites you to the porch,

The woods are thick in front of the house for now, but the plan is to thin out the evergreens to make room for deciduous, so that winter sun can find the front windows.

Pat Boyle's warm red floor shines in the western light.

Mike steps in

The 2nd floor holds 12 windows and a half-glass door, and is very bright. We've painted the floors for now while finishing work continues. Eventually there'll be a bathroom in the space behind the stairs. The stairs up to the 3rd floor will remain open.

The 3rd floor deck, viewed here from the west edge, is very hot in mid day but is a quiet retreat in mornings and evenings with soft light and a big sky.

The high roof over the 3rd floor room doesn't have a railing or stairs up -- yet. But the irresistable view will probably make this happen. The deck below, covered with a heavy foot traffic membrane called Duradek, is engineered to carry the weight of some planters and a beehive or two.

Evening light on the cliffs across the bay towards the Lion's Head.

Town from the high roof

Insulating the 1st floor

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